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Throughout history, stained glass has been used as a remarkable art form, adorning the windows of cathedrals, churches and grand palaces. Its vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and storytelling elements have captured the imagination, serving as a visual representation of faith, history, and beauty. Today, stained glass continues to inspire awe and admiration, and can add a touch of elegance and artistic expression to your front door.

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Explore the contemporary and traditional stained glass galleries for style inspiration. If you have something in mind, contact us as we work with you to make your design ideas come alive. Stained glass colours and textures can be changed.

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You can add or remove colours and different glass textures from the stained glass door insert designs. Have an idea? We love a challenge!

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How are Stained Glass Front Door Inserts Made?

Stained glass inserts for residential front doors are typically made through a process that involves eight steps:

1.       Design and Planning:

The first step is to design the stained glass insert. This design can be customized based on the homeowner’s preferences, architectural style of the house, and any specific themes or patterns desired.

2.       Pattern Creation:

Once the design is finalized, a full-scale pattern or template is created. This pattern serves as a guide for cutting and assembling the glass pieces into the stained glass insert.

3.       Glass Selection:

Different types and colours of glass are chosen based on the design. Stained glass comes in a variety of colours, textures, and opacities, allowing for intricate and unique creations.

4.       Glass Cutting:

The chosen glass sheets are carefully cut according to the pattern. This requires precision to achieve the desired shapes and sizes.

5.       Glass Assembly:

The cut glass pieces are arranged on a flat surface, following the pattern. They are often held together using thin strips of lead called “came.” The came is bent and shaped to fit the curves and angles of the design.

6.       Soldering:

Once the glass pieces are held securely by the came, the joints where the pieces meet are soldered together. This not only reinforces the structure but also adds a finished look to the stained glass insert for your door.

7.       Cleaning and Polishing:

The soldered panel is cleaned to remove any flux or residue from the soldering process. It is then polished to enhance the overall appearance of the stained glass.


8.       Finishing Touches:

The stained glass insert might be further enhanced with decorative elements like glass jewels, bevels, or other embellishments to add depth and visual interest. The lead can also be finished in patina or pewter, black chrome, chrome, gold, bronze and antique finishes.

At Pinnacle 1 Decorative doors, your front door stained glass inserts are custom made in the Durham region where we’ve been installing stained glass and wrought iron door inserts for over 20 year.