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Wrought Iron Door Inserts

Wrought iron is skillfully incorporated into door inserts, adding a touch of strength, elegance, and timeless charm to any entryway. The intricate and ornate designs of wrought iron evoke a sense of craftsmanship and durability, while also exuding sophistication and classic beauty. Wrought iron door inserts create a captivating visual impact, conveying a sense of grandeur, security, and refined taste, making a statement that is both bold and inviting.

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From the design patterns to the dimensions and finishes, you have the flexibility to create a unique and personalized look that perfectly compliments your entryway.

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How are Wrought Iron Glass Inserts that go into a Home's Front Door Made?

Wrought iron and glass inserts for residential front doors combine the elegance of wrought iron designs with the transparency of glass. These inserts often feature intricate patterns, creating a visually appealing focal point for the front entry. There are typically seven steps to making wrought iron glass inserts:

1.       Design and Planning:

The design of the wrought iron and glass insert is the first step. The design could range from simple geometric patterns to intricate scrolls and motifs. It’s important to consider the architectural style of the house and the homeowner’s preferences. Templates are required.

2.       Wrought Iron Fabrication:

Wrought iron is malleable and can be forged into various shapes and patterns. Skilled artisans heat the iron and manipulate it using tools to create the desired designs. This might involve bending, twisting, and hammering the iron to achieve the desired aesthetic.

3.       Assembly and Welding:

Once the individual iron components are forged, they are assembled and welded together to form the final frame of the insert.

4.       Glass Selection:

Depending on the design and desired level of transparency, glass panels are chosen. Clear glass is commonly used to showcase the wrought iron design, but textured or frosted glass might also be chosen for added privacy.

5.       Glass Fitting:

The glass panels are carefully measured and cut to fit within the iron frame. Precision is crucial to ensure a secure and visually pleasing fit.

6.       Attachment and Securing:

The glass panels are attached to the iron frame using various methods. Clips, brackets, or small moldings can be used to hold the glass securely in place while allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes.

7.       Finishing:

The wrought iron frame is often treated to prevent rust and enhance its appearance. This might involve sanding, priming, painting, or applying a protective coating. The tempered glass panels are sealed with a rubberized compound to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the panel. Spacer bars are lined with silica sand to prevent moisture from getting into the thermal unit.

Pinnacle 1 Decorative Doors create all of our wrought iron glass door inserts in Ontario’s Durham region. We’ve been installing stained glass and wrought iron door inserts for over 20 years.